Sometimes Sitting Still is Right

With the Fifa World Cup a huge success, you might be a tad intrigued by the science of taking penalties. These can win or lose the game, and even the great Ronaldo can miss them too, witness Portugal v Iran.

Keepers are more inclined to take some action rather than standing still – diving to the left or right and looking energetic when the ball hits the net “He almost got to the ball” or “that was unstoppable” are the remarks from the supporters.

Research from Israeli scientists showed that if you sit still the chances of saving are increased from 13% to 33%.

Humans have an inbuilt reaction though to take some form of action than do nothing. We all do it all the time: changing lane in traffic, checking furiously when the computer stops working, tapping on the Smartphone screen when the page doesn’t load, even investing a portfolio.

Moreover, that’s the point – sometimes in sales – doing nothing is best.

The client who hasn’t come back to you with a response – do nothing and they may come back to you in the meantime. Other ideas for doing nothing?

  • After a great question, do nothing and wait.
  • When closing, just
  • When we think we have to take action, sit down and have a cup of tea and think.
  • Thinking time

Thankfully England ventured into the semis and lost during the 90 minutes rather than face the heartache of a penalty shootout.