Something new

Something for the weekend

One of my favourite programmes on TV is the Gadget Show. An hour of the newest, shiniest, must have gadgets. I love it.

And that’s the point about cross selling. Sometimes, as customers, we don’t know what the newest, shiniest, must have product is. So salespeople or customer service people mustn’t be afraid of just telling them what the latest product is.

Naturally it must be relevant to the customer first and you need to put it across as a brand new offering, something new, and you’ll probably get your customer excited.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Use a customer story to present the “something new” product. Show how a previous customer was initially sceptical and then realised the fabulous benefits once they started to use it. Stories must be real, involve characters, have a challenge to bridge and enjoy a solution at the end.
  • Use the “Amazon – others found this product to be useful too” approach or bundling of products together.  Amazon are world renowned for this cross selling strategy and it works as people are influenced about what others say or do. Mention that many of my customers also found this product of benefit as well.  This bundling of products approach can work really well if you’ve done your homework on what you sell. Can you link them together in some way, do they complement each other, have similar benefits?
  • Use the “are you sure” approach when they initially baulk at the something new product. A quick “are you sure” with the right tone, smile and eye contact can often persuade them away from their knee jerk reaction to being presented something else.

There’s some ideas to help you promote the “something new” product. Something for the weekend sir?