Solving Customers Problems the Condor Way

Later this month we’re over to France again for our summer holiday.  Can’t wait. Once again we’re travelling with Condor Ferries – wouldn’t use anyone else.  Why?  Let me explain.

2004, summer.  Packed the gills was my car – 3 excited children in the back, my wife and I in the front, thrilled to be heading over to France for our summer holidays. You couldn’t move in that car with all the baggage we were taking it us.

We’d set off early that morning to catch the ferry from Poole in Dorset and made a great journey to the port.  Unfortunately a detour at Poole delayed us for a little while but we made the departure point by the skin of our teeth.

We arrived at the barrier everyone oozing with anticipation, the lady asked for our tickets, said all was in order and asked for our passports.  I handed them over; she scanned them and said those words that are embedded in my mind for ever:

“I’m afraid you’ll not be travelling today”

Not one, or two but three passports were out of date and it was all my fault.

You can only imagine the stress, annoyance, tears from my young children, scolding looks from Claire.  I could’ve ended it all right there. But I casually drove home.

The result was no holiday and no money either until I phoned Condor and they agreed to refund, in total, my fare  – over £500. Which I used to rent a cottage in Cornwall for a week which rescued the situation a little.

Condor didn’t have to refund, their Terms and Conditions, stated this and fair play, they weren’t going to fill my place at such short notice. But they still refunded my fare.

So don’t be afraid to help your customers solve their problems in any way you can.  It may lead directly to a sale of your product or services but if you maintain a relationship with them, it may lead to a sale further down the line.

And if you decide to use Condor Ferries tell them I recommended them.