Smart Selling with SDI

The SDI or Strength Deployment Inventory is a brilliant tool to help salespeople recognise the motivations and drivers of customers as they get to know them. It’s quick to understand, relatively accurate, and something that can be used throughout the sales process. In essence, within a couple of minutes, you can gauge how the customer “ticks”. Very useful.

  • Blue people are motivated by people
  • Red is driven by performance
  • Green is motivated by the process
  • Hubs love a bit of flexibly since they do all three equally

Here are lots of ideas to help you when you’ve recognised the customer’s colour under each element of the four-stage sales process:

  1. Initiate Relationship
  2. Explore Needs
  3. Suggest a Course of Action
  4. Obtain Agreement

Initiate Relationship

Explore Needs

Suggest a Course of Action

Obtain Agreement


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