Sleep little baby – hypnotic sales techniques you can use now

I’m a big fan of hypnotic sales techniques. Admittedly it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but if your intentions are sound, your morals solid and you’re trustworthy, then why not since it speeds up the selling process.

After all, your customer’s attention spans are so tiny now, anything we can do to shorten the cycle, the better.

To understand hypnotic selling, you want to be aware of the manner in which it works. Bombard the conscious mind with normal things – language, words, conversation, visual images – you know the usual selling stuff. This occupies the conscious mind.

Meanwhile you slip in commands through the back door right into the back of their mind, so they don’t have time to process them through the front door, which changes things, believe me.

There’s nothing better than to settle down to watch a modern cartoon movie. On holiday this year I watched Puss in Boots, fantastic film and full of double entendres. You know these kinds of film appeal to children and adults alike because they have two simultaneous messages – one for the child and one for the adult. Many lines have two meanings but only one meaning is picked up by the viewers – hopefully the right one for them.

In the same way, that’s how we sell hypnotically. Double meanings in our language.

Let me show you some techniques to spring forward your hypnotic selling.


The best way to bombard the conscious mind is to put the customer into a low level trance. Think glued in front of Downton Abbey when the best bit happens. Not Derren Brown on the big stage – that’s for hypnotists, we’re just doing low trancing.


You need huge elements of this – read my articles on NLP rapport building, that’ll hit the spot.


Whatever your voice sounds like now, change it. Make it deep and slow. That’s it, simple. Deepen it one notch on the octave scale and slow down – a lot.

Relax them

Use trance based language liberally in your speaking. Trance words will put the customer into a mild trance. Some words which bring on a trance:

  • Imagine – is a great one because you can use this use this easily in your words “imagine what it’ll feel like in 2 months’ time”. “I’d like you to imagine waking up in the morning knowing that your investments are growing in value”
  • Sleepy words such as – relax, unwind, calm down, slow down, loosen up, settle down, rest assured…zzzz.  If you suggest sleep, then people will act and go into trance.

Encourage them

“That’s it…that’s right…it is within your budget”

Take control

Give the customer instructions, tell them what they should be doing. Show them where to sit down, say what you want them to think, you’ll be amazed how receptive they will be.

Agree with them all the way

Use agreement language, after all, everyone likes to be right but then add your point.

“I agree with you on that one…and I would add also…”

“Yes you’re right, that’s right…another angle is…”


Wear pink if you can. A pink tie, blouse, shirt. Pink is known to have soporific qualities. It’s to do with us becoming accustomed to a pink sunset and sunrise which has anchored warm, relaxing, safe feelings in us since time began.

Take action

As always you have to do something. Let me help you do this because you’d like a neat plan wouldn’t you since this will help you begin hypnotic selling yet remain full of morals and integrity as I only show those people these little secrets.  Have fun.

Oh, I almost forgot, take one a day and bring it into your selling for that day, the next day, use another. Practice until it becomes second nature and don’t start dangling a clock-watch or encouraging people to stare into your eyes – that’s nonsense.