Skills only improve with repetition

This message is for all you sales managers out there that are never too sure what to do in your sales meetings. The answer is repetition of skills. Why?

When you learn new things, your brain makes new connections, new pathways and the cells grow. These neuro pathways are the same as muscles. The more you use them, the stronger they become. So, repetition of learning increases brain power.

MRIs are used to track where the blood flows and can reveal which art of the brain is being used at any given time. Taxi drivers in London have to endure an enormous learning curve doing “the knowledge” where they memorise every route in London. Tests have shown that their brain cells physically grew when the did this rather than rely on Sat Nav (GPSs).

Its proven that using the brain consistently increases brain power and this is repetition. Repetition is the key to skills development for salespeople. Here’s some ideas

  • Build into your sales meetings at least one skill drill every month.
  • Take a segment of your selling process and run a sales training session around it ensuring you practise it i.e. repeat it.
  • Provide as much training as possible to suit the learning style of your salesperson. Online, face to face, coaching.
  • Share best practise and award something for the best nugget of skills shared.
  • Continually update your own skills in coaching
  • Coach regularly

And when the USA takes down the satellites it uses to dominate Sat Nav, London Taxi drivers will be laughing all the way to the Elephant and Castle.