Selling is full of contrast

One of the greatest treasures of family life is the traditional Sunday Roast and my wife orchestrates a perfect roast every Sunday. It’s a chance to sit down, catch up  with the week, share your highs and lows and be injected with all the vitamins you need to sustain life for the next week.

And you can imagine our horror, when my wife announced at the end of November that we weren’t going to have roasts anymore until Christmas Day.

We stared aghast; we couldn’t believe what we were hearing, until she announced that we would enjoy our Christmas dinner even more than ever before.

Now my wife has never had training is persuasion or selling but she had used one of the most powerful influencing strategies ever created – contrast.

Where do you use contrast to influence your customers?  Where can you encourage action by adopting a contrast strategy?

Many years ago when I worked in real estate agency, we would use a stooge property to show customers  first before revealing the one we wanted to sell.  This stooge property was usually in need of repair and redecoration, so when they arrived at the chosen home, it just appeared better in contrast. Bad, I know but at least you know in case an agent uses the trick with you.

Life is full of contrast, how do you use it with your customers?

And yes, the Christmas dinner that year at the Archers was to die for and everyone admitted it just tasted so more yummy this year than previous years. My wife gave us a wry smile.