Self esteem and weight loss

Hands up everyone who’s dreading next Easter and all those Easter Eggs and roast dinners with the extended family washed down with calorific wine.  And the same goes for Christmas. For those of you like me, who’ve been losing a few pounds recently, you’ll be dreading these weekends as the pounds will just go straight back on.

Blink and Easter and Christmas will put 5 pounds on you, at least.

Losing the weight in the first instance seems to take ages. We gradually lose weight by chipping away week after week but it takes one weekend’s indulgence to pile it all straight back on.

Weight gain and loss is a little bit like self esteem, such a valuable commodity for anyone involved in sales and so fragile too.

It takes many successful events to build self esteem but all it takes is one bad experience to knock it completely away.

Waiting for good moments to build your self esteem is fraught with danger because, simply put, you’re going to have a damaging event, like Easter and Christmas weekends. They crop up time after time.  It’s just going to happen.

The secret? Find a technique to artificially keep your self esteem at peak levels and the best and easiest strategy is to master the art of managing your self talk.  It’s the hidden voice that can destroy self esteem in seconds. Learn how to manage the voice and you’ll maintain strong self esteem at all times. If you fancy listening to a podcast that gives you an easy, apply the very next day strategy, I posted it on my Facebook page, have a listen but you’ll need to hook up with me by clicking here

I wish there was a magical trick for keeping weight loss off and still enjoying the pleasures of Easter and Christmas…and Royal Wedding weekends and family parties… let me know if there is.