Screech in from High

Here’s a handy idea if you’re having trouble getting through to a new client or prospect on the telephone.

Watching the Battle of Britain on the TV for the hundredth time at the weekend, I was impressed with the tactics that the Spitfire fighter aircraft used in their battle against the enemy planes.

The most successful, were the fighters who had height on their side, and could screech from high altitude on top of the enemy. It worked in the Battle of Britain. Great film.

Here’s a little tip to come in from high with any potential gatekeeper.

Phone the head person in the company, say it’s Dawn Somers the CEO. You’ll get through to her Personal Assistant probably. Ask to speak with the person who deals with whatever you sell. Be as pleasant as possible and the PA will probably say to speak with Brian or Bob or Marcia, as she knows pretty much everyone in the company. You might be lucky and get to speak with the MD, but unlikely.

Next you phone your target prospect, and get through to their PA. Now you use the genuine reason that Dawn Somer’s PA asked me to get in touch with you, I’m Paul Archer from xyz.

Its works, because you’re coming in from a respected high position, just like my Spitfires from the sky above.