Sales Lessons from an Optician

Last week, I was invited by Tesco’s Optician for my bi yearly eye appointment and hasn’t the technology and capability advanced in just two years.

With all the prodding and testing they can now tell if you are going to get various illnesses and diseases by looking at your eyes. They can predict diabetes, glaucoma and see if your cholesterol is heightened.

How clever and we’ve always known that your eyes are the windows to your soul. Which is why we need to re-assess our own eye contact with our customers. We need to ensure we’re bearing all, connecting and building trust through our eyes.

So here’s a quick bi-annual eye check for you:

  • Give as much eye contact to your customer as they give you. Calibrate their eye contact and match it.
  • Give stronger eye contact when you’re talking
  • Less when listening, occasionally look away.
  • Gaze don’t stare.
  • Look up more as this is a general sign that you’re thinking deeply on what they’ve just said.
  • For maximum empathy, tilt your head a tad to the left, customers will read this as understanding and empathy. Watch dogs, they do this with their owners to empathise.

So a quick reminder on the joy of eye contact, but no joy for me as I was diagnosed with deteriorating eyes so I needed new glasses for reading and computer work. £200 later with two sets of glasses I felt thankful for all those Tesco Clubcard points my wife would earn.

PS. I had an eye test appointment. If you call your customer meetings, appointments, then stop.  Only doctors, dentists and optometrists have them and they produce pain.