Sack the Bottom 10%

Sometimes you’ve invested so much into a project; you’re wary of pulling out. For example, I bought a collection of lights for my video studio, huge barn-door halogen lights which cost over £500 and meant you suffered sunburn every time you worked under them. Along came LED lights which emit next to no heat. Initially, I was wary of disregarding the barn doors since I’d spent so much on them, reluctant to make a move.

It’s similar in sales or professional advising. Have you been prospecting the same customer forever? Have you been calling on them all year to no avail and have you invested too much time and energy? Are you reticent to move?

Maybe you’ve made some inroads, secured some initial meetings but still no business.

Time to now move on and find some new customers. Each year it’s a good idea to shed the lowest 10% of your client bank. It’s this bottom 10% that cost you far too much time for the value provided. Perhaps you can transfer them to someone else in your practice or politely just let them go.

Add more to your client bank to replace them, perhaps learning how to use LinkedIn more as a prospecting tool and separating marketing from prospecting

Eventually, I did move onto LED lighting, and the difference was amazing. Not having to wipe my brow of sweat is a godsend every time I go under the camera.