ROE – return on engagement

I love buzz words don’t you? Return on Investment or ROI has done the rounds recently especially in the midst of an economic squeeze.

Here’s a new one for you which I call ROE, return on engagement.

Simply put, we empower our teams to engage with customers at all levels. The two important areas are the two new parts of the sales cycle – inbound marketing and wow customer care.


Inbound marketing is where you reach out to engage with customers before they become customers.  I’m not referring to advertising or traditional marketing, I’m promoting engaging with them, giving them useful information, insights, tips, ideas, to help them and solve their challenges and pains. Internet noise.

Wow customer care is customer care on steroids.  Not processes and systems. That’s customer service.  But real care for the needs and post sale demands of customers.

Then measure the return on this engagement, not investment.  Customer satisfaction surveys, Net Promoter Scores, focus groups, social media mentions, Facebook likes, Google +1’s, secret shopping, sales, returns.

ROE is the buzz word for the health of companies and hey, I’ve invented a new acronym.