Reward Don’t Punish

Over Christmas I visited my father in France and hired a car to get around. On my first trip to the gym in the nearby town I drove down a side street which was clearly restricted to 30 MPH (about 45 KPH local).

Now back in the UK I would have been scolded for creeping above 30, with an automated sign telling me to slow down you bad person you. Perhaps an angry resident with a mock speed camera or at the very least a massive sign telling me the speed limit and to slow down or else.

In France it was refreshingly different.

An LED lit sign with a smiley face when I was below 30 and an unhappy sad face when I creeped above.

An immediate impact, you are rewarded, which brings pleasure and reassurance.

So, in sales management, in business, try to reward more than scold. Reward is more superior than punishment, just ask the French.