Revisiting Smiling to Build Rapport

We know that face to face communication is still the most effective way of doing business and many of us learn strategies such as eye contact, body language, nodding, matching, voice variation….to increase the chances of creating a rapport. But have you considered the real impact of the smile?

Smiling is usually at the top of the list when it comes to building a rapport.  Smiling draws the person to you, relaxes them and helps them to like you.

But smiling can also be dangerous.

Many of us know that smiling is essential so we do it. And some people do it too quickly and that’s worse than not smiling at all. 

You see a quick smile is contrived, it’s false, people see through you.  Instead learn to make a smile but do it slowly.  I mean really slooooooly.  Try it now. This makes the gesture even warmer and honest and contorts the whole face to smile with you showing a genuine interest and liking to the other person.

But be careful. Apparently the slower the smile the more of the flirt, so be wary with this one, don’t want you being accused of malpractice do we?