Reverse Mentoring

My son does it for me.

Some executive board directors ask their new graduate intakes to do it.

What am I referring to? Let me explain.

Traditional mentoring involves someone young, new to the business and inexperienced at their role linking in with a wise old owl. Someone who’s been around the block, worn the tee shirt and has ironed it a few times too. Old helps the new.

Reverse mentoring works in the opposite way. The old wise owl looks upon the young person as their mentor. Their mentor to teach them all they know about youthful people who are flocking into the workplace bringing with them all sorts of new attitudes and work ethics.

Having a real understanding of the world young people find themselves in, can be a real advantage to the wise old owls, who will be working way longer than their predecessors – probably into their late 60’s early 70’s so they need to appreciate where all the generations are coming from.

My son Lewis, is 23, and an excellent example of a Generation Y and my daughter Bethan is 18 and a perfect incarnation of a Generation Z, so I’ve got my mentors.

Whom will you choose?