Reveal the Blemish

Seems an odd title but this is the psychology of buying.

Whenever I look for reviews for a product or service, if they’re all 5 out of 5 I become suspicious. Have they been loading five star reviews themselves? Its proven that if you present several positive benefits of your product and then follow up with a small blemish, its makes the benefits more believable.

You can use this successfully when selling. Here’s how.

Make a list of the drawbacks of your product, there will always be some, no product is ever perfect or the best on the market.

Deliberately add one of the flaws amongst the benefits. You can highlight it by saying, however, the product is slightly more expensive than the cheapest on the market. Or, the product requires a 3 year contract but the price is guaranteed during that time.

Alternatively, you could reveal the weakness and then smother the customer with benefits. I do this when I know I have a weakness that needs revealing early on to avoid problems later.

Remember to reveal the blemish to make your product more believable.