Remember business is about people as well as targets

My workshop had finished, I was exhausted and ready to get back to my hotel and relax. Normally I would’ve hurriedly packed away and left the centre but we were invited to the Principle’s office for snacks and tea. Here, in cooling air conditioning, we talked about the course, the candidates, then we chatted about my experiences in India so far, my family, my hobbies. We sipped tea and eat Samosas and pastry.

You see this is the Indian way of working. At first I was frustrated, with my UK needs of speed, get the job done, achieve the goal. But after two days, it hit me that this focus on people is something many of us are missing in our working lives. The pace is frenzied but they take time out to re-charge, chat, connect with their working colleagues and make everyone feel welcome.

In India, it is not unusual for someone to drink upwards of 20 cups of tea a day. Which is why they have small cups and saucers not the giant mugs we drink back in the UK. That way they can enjoy tea which is always accompanied with chatting and mixing with people, up to 20 times a day.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Life Insurance Corporation of India yesterday and am relishing my next few days in this courageous, welcoming and people oriented country. My lesson…remember the people side of business, it brings better results.

Some of my new friends at the LIC