Relax more to perform

Great stand up comedians are relaxed, inspiring speakers are relaxed, moving salespeople are relaxed.

When we’re relaxed, you can perform effortlessly, you can ad lib as the situation requires, you feel confident, you come across as self-assured.

It’s an obvious notion, but the secret is to relax but how? Here’s some ideas:

  • Visualise success happening in the event that’s coming up. Perhaps a standing ovation if you’re a speaker.
  • Learn to breathe fully, how is another article. Most of us breathe to survive, not to thrive in the pressure cooker situation we find ourselves in. Breath in deeper and then breathe out slower is the key to effective breathing.
  • Curb the extremities. Watch the hands and the feet – if you are feeling slightly apprehensive, then this will show in your feet and hands moving uncontrollably.
  • Spot the motivational zone that you’re in. Move away from “need” from “drive” and get “in the zone”. Only from there are you truly relaxed and on form.
  • Practice a positive mental attitude. PMA is well known but if you think positive thoughts, rid yourself of negative past thinking; you’ll enter a positive relaxed mode.
  • Believe in yourself and your ability, you know you can provide massive value to your customers.
  • Learn to contain the inner critic in us all, realise you can’t get rid of him altogether, just silence or mute him with effort. Pen him in.
  • Practice whatever you do regularly.
  • Handle feedback well. Yes receive it graciously, but if you don’t believe in it or didn’t seek it from that person, then drop it. Not in an arrogant way please, but if it’s provided when you didn’t ask for it, or you don’t agree, drop it. Open up the trap door in the back of your mind and let gravity take care of it. In fact, whilst you’re there, empty your mind of anything that’s not helping you – worries, concerns, fears, mistakes from the past. Remember the Monkees hit “there’s no mileage in dwelling on the past” and the Dandy Warhols hit “a trapdoor in the back of my head”

Learn to relax more, enjoying our jobs and give value.