Readying for the Future

My daughter Bethan and I were talking about her options for when she goes to University, which will make me so proud. She asked me what I would do?

Thinking carefully not to be the smothering father, but to offer some insights, I said “we need to think how smart a human you can be for the Smart Machine Age”

I only studied the Industrial Revolution in history at college but I vividly recall decades of uncertainty as people lost their jobs to automation. The same will happen in the next 5 to 15 years as automation, driverless vehicles, automated intelligence in computers, robotics to care for the elderly, 3D manufacturing to produce anything in the home all takes a foothold.

The answer is to master the skills that only humans can do and automation can’t.

“Well I still want to be a criminal psychologist Dad” responded Bethan.

Good choice…I think.