RAMP Up Your Online Meeting Starts

If you’re running online live meetings and workshops on Zoom or Teams, then you need to start them properly, briefly and respectfully to the learners who don’t want to faff around anymore.

I use RAMP to remind me what to do:

  • R – Roles for everyone – do you want them to get involved, turn on audios, ask questions as you go—set expectations.
  • A – Agenda – make sure you have a plan and stick to the timings. People have more meetings on Video during the day and leave very little time in-between, so make sure you always stick to a schedule.
  • M – motivation. Make them want to learn. WIIFM – what’s in it for me – what benefits will they derive? How will the content help them do their job better, easier, faster? How much more money will they make, what time savings can they achieve?
  • P – Pin. Teach them how to pin people’s video streams so they appear full screen. Show them how to pin you, since your video stream has your slides built-in (don’t use Zooms share facility – It’s clunky and painful)

That’s it. Now get on with your workshop or meeting. And please, no icebreakers, that was for a different world, we’ve evolved since then.