Purring Salespeople

We live out in the countryside which has many benefits but also quite a few drawbacks. One of them is mice.

You see in the summer, they’re out in the fields gorging on corn and wheat and other foodstuffs but once Farmer Beale ploughs the earth, there’s nothing to eat so they head for the nearest shelter and that’s our house.

And the quickest and most economical solution to mice in the house is Gus.

Gus is our mouser. He’s a tomcat reared on a farm and ace at catching and deterring mice from our home. In return for his services we have to give him warmth, food and…

Lots of attention, plenty of stroking and in returns he purrs.

In the same way we ought to treat our salespeople in our team. We feed them with bonuses and other rewards, we give them laptops and cars but do you give them attention?  Do you make them purr with contentment.

We all know how, here’s some reminders:

  • Recognition for successes, in private of course.
  • Rewards for successes
  • Rewards for effort
  • Compliments and praise
  • Opportunities to shine and do well
  • Development to make them better at their job
  • Opportunities to get on it the company

I’m sure you can think of more. Make them purr, just like Gus the cat, here he is purring.