Provocative objection handling

Handling customer reservations does rather smack of 1990s selling techniques. I prefer to deal with the problems and issues earlier on rather than at the end. This technique works whether you’re selling a product or an idea. You probably know what the issues are going to be, so raise them early and deal with them then.

But occasionally a lingering problem might rear its head once you’ve asked for the order or proposed your idea to the customer.

If so, try provocative objection handling, it might just work.

Let me explain.

They throw up a problem or barrier. Instead of dealing with it, don’t. Just say something like: “Do you know perhaps you’re just not right for this idea, just not ready. It’s OK, this idea is not for everyone and maybe it’s not for you.”

Now wait for a reaction. They’ll respond quickly and probably tell you that everything else is fine about the idea. Now they’re on the back foot and will defend the fact that they are right for the idea.

It does work. It uses the Cialdini influencing principle of scarcity.

And if it doesn’t… then maybe they weren’t right for the idea or the product and you can move onto the next person. Sometimes we have nothing to lose.