Prospecting is like Flossing

Last year, I enjoyed some major dental work to my two front teeth. Pretty major stuff it was – implants and two brand new teeth. Impressive work and an equally impressive final bill.

So when I asked my dentist what I needed to do so as to keep them in tip top shape, he answered “Flossing every day, without fail”

Now if you’re into flossing, you know what an incredibly tricky operation it is.  Messy, fiddly, annoying and that thin wire can cut into your fingers badly if you do it wrong.

It took me a little while to get in the habit, but eventually I succeeded, so every day, without fail, I floss my teeth.

In the same way if you’re in sales then you simply must do prospecting everyday.  Your funnel has to be kept topped up with new customers to see and call. It used to be called prospecting but it’s now known as Client Acquisition Strategies but whatever you call it, salespeople don’t like doing it.  The idea of phoning people cold, or even phoning referrals or bought leads or warmish leads, doesn’t do it for many salespeople.

A bit like flossing really.

So to make it a little easier to get in the habit, here are 10 top tips to help you prospect:

  1. Find time every day, to make calls
  2. Use the phone only 30 minutes a day
  3. Make this undisturbed prime time
  4. Do nothing else during those 30 minutes
  5. Sellotape the phone to your wrist so you don’t put it down between calls
  6. Stand and make the calls
  7. Practise your vocal range beforehand
  8. Warm up first with a nice easy call
  9. Have a call plan to follow, prepare your objection handling beforehand
  10. With voicemail, give your name and number first, then a short compelling message, then repeat your name and number at the end. Maximum 30 seconds

Prospecting is just a habit thing. Flossing teeth is the most uncomfortable process you can imagine, but I need to do it, every day, without fail.  Likewise phoning cold leads, warmish leads, referrals, bought leads, can be uncomfortable as well, but it’s something we need to do every day, without fail.