Pre-frame your objections

You never win an argument with a customer but I have witnessed it, seen it many times when salespeople are taught to overcome objections during the close phase. This is old fashioned as well as unproductive.

The trick is to pre-empt the objection earlier in the meeting.

However, salespeople tell me that they don’t know which one to pre-empt as customers always baulk at something different.

Here’s the answer.

There are only 4 objections and these encompass every variation. The customer:

  1. Has no time
  2. As no money or can’t afford it
  3. Doesn’t believe you
  4. Does believe you but doesn’t think it’ll work for them

So think of a way to pre-empt these before they rear their ugly head, because they invariably will.

Right now you’re throwing all sorts of objections at me but I guarantee every single one you tell me fits under one of those categories above.