PowerPoint and the Full Stop

Have you ever been presenting using a PowerPoint slide that happens to have a series of bullets to use to expand on with your audience? Here’s a real nifty tip for you.

We’ve all been there before and many of us convert the bulleted words into animations so they reveal each other when we click the remote. That way we stay in control and can talk through the bullets in our own time.

I know we shouldn’t use bullets and words on slides or, in fact, we ought not to be using PowerPoint at all these days….but let’s get real for a moment.  In business, we often have to deliver PowerPoint slides, and on many occasions, they’re not slides that we’ve created.

Sound familiar?

A common problem is, when we’re not sure which is the last bulleted list, we click onto the next slide by mistake. Not very professional but here’s a neat little tip.

On the last bulleted list, put a full stop at the end and this will clearly show you that that’s the last bullet.

Simple yet effective.