Our new-born lambs and how customers now buy

Four beautiful lambs were born earlier this week to our two resident sheep.

Our second mum didn’t take naturally to feeding her two lambs so Claire has been holding nightly vigils, hand-feeding them in-between the sheep’s’ attempts at feeding.

I was watching it all unfold this morning after being away on business the last few days, feeling quite worried for the two new born lamps trying to feed from their mum’s teats. And mum was having none of it. She kept scampering around her pen shaking off the two lambs.

Claire had the vet round the other night, who reported no issues, but I was worried. I asked Claire “have you googled the problem to see if there are any answers online?”

“No need, I’ve got plenty of friends who have sheep, one’s coming round this lunchtime”

And that’s the whole point about the modern buying process. When customers need an answer, a solution, a product for some kind of issue they’re facing…they won’t call you up, they’ll either google the problem (my preference) or ask someone in their network who might be able to help or advise.

My wife’s network is huge; women generally have a much larger grid of friends than men do. Almost 100% of her network is linked together on social media and she uses her iPhone to liaise with them real-time. Sure enough, she’s being inundated with help and guidance from the ones who know about sheep.

The lesson here. Beware that your potential customers will either google or search their network if they come in the market for your product, they won’t contact you and your shiny website. So make sure you have the answers to help them in multi-sensory ways on the internet, not advertisements, that’s so last century. But information that’s useful in their search for answers and when they’re ready to contact you, they just might do so.

Secondly, nurture your reputation on social networks so that people refer you. Simple as that.

I’ll keep you posted on the plight of the two new borns but I will say they’re the most cutest things you can ever lay your eyes on.