One of the best questions to ask a customer

I heard this question this week.

“Who’s at home supporting you?”

The context can be in most B2C situations where you’re fact-finding with a customer establishing their needs and wants surrounding your product or service.

It’s a great question to ask at the beginning to establish a grounded conversation.

Can be asked to both partners in a family situation, its gender neutral.

It begins to build rapport.

It shows empathy for someone’s family situation.

It’s particularly good to use if you’re advising on some form of protection for a loan or other financial product since it opens up other people who need protection who may not have a determined salary but support the family unit and the main bread winner.

“Who’s at home supporting you?”

Accepts the fact that the home is a vital foundation for all families and that all people need some form of support. I know I do, without my wife at home supporting me; I couldn’t do my job, not in a million years. My whole business would crumble without her and when you meet customers in a similar situation this one question will coach them into really seeing the value and desire for protection.