One at a time

I took delivery of an extra monitor for my computer recently and now proudly display two monitors so I can look at double the amount of information when working.  I thought I’d be more productive. Instead it’s just added more clutter to my working life causing me to multi task even more.

More productivity was promised but, if anything, it’s gone down as I’m trying to juggle more than one thing in my mind and I can’t cope.

We live in a world of too much. Far too much information on the internet, too many choices on TV, too much food to choose in the supermarket, too many places to go on holiday, the list goes on.

And as a result we’ve had to develop the unproductive art of multitasking whether we like it or not.

The answer is to fight back. To focus on just one thing at any given time, the most important.  The one of many. So here are some ideas to help you

  • Leave just one message on the voice mail
  • One item when giving feedback as coaches
  • One client to phone at a time
  • One major message when addressing a group of people
  • One request for each email we send out
  • Focus on one major goal a month
  • Do just one task at a time in your to do list
  • One job at a time and no glancing at Facebook or Twitter or constantly checking email

And one computer monitor to save you from going insane.

Pssst…does anyone want to buy a decent second hand monitor going cheap?