Objection Handling the Tesco Way

I’ve finally convinced Claire to use Tescos online shopping as this has to replace one of the worst activities a man is ever subjected to – shopping.  And whilst laptopp’ing the order watching TV, I was given a lesson in objection handling from Tescos, really cool it was too.

One of the reasons we don’t check with our customers after they’ve said a “I’ll think about it” or an “I’m not sure” is the human fear of rejection, or a concern we might irritate them, or they might get shirty with us.

These are normally never true, but we think it, and this stops us just checking.

Tescos online shopping doesn’t have human emotions.  This is the screen I saw when I said no to something…

Perhaps there’s a lesson for us here.  Are our emotions, our fears, our worries stopping us from just checking “Are you sure……”