My ducks won’t go the bed, help

We’d just taken delivery of our first ducks to add to the Archer’s stock of hens and we had little idea how to handle them. Our chickens do the right thing at night time. As soon as it’s dusk, they head to the coop and snuggle down for the night. All you have to do is lock the door to keep fox out. It’s instinct.

Not so for ducks.

So my wife googles “my ducks won’t go to bed, help”

And sure enough, sites came up with exactly that sentence, with an answer of course.

What’s the lesson for us salespeople? Quite a few really:

  • When searching on the internet, we could put our entire question in, and see what comes out. Try putting the inverted commas before and after the sentence for better results.
  • More importantly, bear in mind that customers will search this way too, so do you have these common questions, with answers, on your blogs or websites? If not then put them on there and you might find your site comes up first when they google their problem.
  • Claire had a problem that needed solving, so do your customers, are you aware of these problems and do you seek out customers that have these problems and pitch your products and services as solutions to the problem, not as products and services. You should.
  • Do you apply this to your prospecting and marketing to make your solution unique?
  • When meeting or speaking with prospects do you seek out their problems, their pains first before blabbing on about your product or solution, I’m sure you do don’t you?

Just some ideas taken from the story and if you’re interested in seeing the site Claire found it’s here: