My Band and Me

Last year I took delivery of a brand new Microsoft Band – it’s a fitness band that you strap to your wrist and allows you to monitor everything about your health. Plus it shows me my email, texes and social media updates, so that’s cool.

But it’s the ability to track data about me that’s important to sales and managing a sales team. Let me explain.

It tracks my steps, my miles walked, heart rate, sleep patterns.

So because it measures them, I keep a watchful eye. I’ve found myself taking more steps each day to smash my target of 10,000, get more sleep so I don’t get a “low” reading in the morning.

I’m inadvertently improving my health and that’s the point. If you measure something and give feedback on the measurement, salespeople will do more of the measurement.

I’m not referring to targets or sales numbers I’m referring to KPIs which measure activity and the things salespeople do to achieve their results. Appointments, phone calls, rapport building, conversions, proposals, presentations…all the little things that contribute to success.

What gets measured, gets done – goes the phrase.

One thing I need to turn off though, is the vibration feature whenever I get an email – a total distraction. But the piece that vibrates my wrist to wake you in the morning is just fab, saves on alarm clocks.