Meetings Bingo for Sales Managers

I was first introduced to Meetings Bingo back in the 1990’s and I enjoyed playing it secretly at the company’s annual conference later that year.

Here is the updated version for 2015 and you’ll probably recognise plenty of phrases you have heard or Heavens to Betsy…actually used.

For us sales managers, it does serve as a good energiser or ice-breaker for a sales meeting. I use it for presentation skills with the message that in-company jargon can either be off-putting or just plain difficult to understand outside of the business. It’s also useful to persuade your sales team to keep away from jargon of any kind so as to alienate their customer.

Issue the cards at the start of the meeting. Below you can view a jpg image which you can copy, paste and print.

Announce a prize for the first person, during the day, to get a line and a major prize for the first person who gets a full house. I never say why I’m doing the game, but explain the moral when we have a winner.

As always, I have a dozen or so of these bingo sheets, in a plastic sleeve within my pilot case, as you just never know when it’s a good time to play meetings bingo. And I do know back in the 90’s we had a rude word to describe them but this article is for good family fun.