How to Measure and Reward a Sales Manager

I carry out a lot of coaching with sales managers of various sectors to help them achieve the aims of their role. Many are relieved to realise that their role involves achieving their sales targets through their sales team and not doing the sales themselves. Essentially their role is to recruit, train, coach, motivate, stimulate and ultimately move their sales people onto their next role.

The difficulty comes when you try and create a set of KPIs and rewards to measure and motivate, so here’s ten areas where you can set KPIs and rewards against:

  1. Progress has been discussed
  2. Development has been encouraged
  3. Sales training has been received
  4. The salespeople have been praised
  5. Their manager supports them
  6. Their opinions count
  7. They know what is expected of them
  8. They have opportunities to grow and learn
  9. Their colleagues are committed to quality work
  10. They’ve been recognised

It’s all about your people not you. A successful sales manager lets their people shine taking the credit for their sales achievements but this is always a result of a humble sales manager behind the scenes orchestrating it all.

Remember what get’s measured gets done but what gets rewarded gets done first.