Making the complex simple

Making the complex simple

Is the hardest thing to do but the sign of a true professional. Unfortunately the Bremain campaigners here in the UK have failed in this respect.

Let me explain.

David Cameron returned to the UK with a deal. Much fanfare occurred, Dave said, “We have the best of both worlds”. The negotiations achieved have never appeared in their remain campaign because no one has cared to explain them. Here we go. The new deal:

  1. Made it harder for Euro Currency countries to dictate terms to non-Euro countries like Britain, Poland and Czechia.
  2. Recognised that the EU will always have more than one currency.
  3. Britain can block decisions made by Euro Currency countries that we don’t like.
  4. Allows Britain to make their own rules when regulating financial services (our biggest export).

There, that wasn’t so bad. We don’t have to be told what to do all the time, don’t have to use the Euro and won’t be needed to bail anyone out. That wasn’t too evil.

The lesson is to make complex information appear simple. Some ideas:

  • Use infographics to show things visually. These can be bought for $5 if you outsource.
  • Use cartoons or animation to explain something.
  • Use simple words to explain things. It’s not dumbing down, but a courtesy to your listener.

Are you Bremain or Brexit? I’m clear, I’m in.