Make your cold calling scruffy

Cold calling is clinging from the precipice of customer acquisition methods. Many of my clients ask how they can eke out the final juice from this 20th century prospecting tool when selling to other businesses. Here’s some last ditch methods of making the most of cold calling:

Make them sound scruffy. The last thing you want to do is to sound all polished and slick because your customer will pick this up in the first nano second and either hang up or just be plain rude. No sound scruffy.

Use “uhms” and “ahs”. Say something like “Hi, eh yes hello, sorry, em need to speak with Mr Khan, can you put me through please”

Use the person’s name to get put through. Say “Mr Khan has asked me to call”

Or use a referrer such as “Hi, Mr Omar Khan has asked that I call your Mr Ozak, can I have a quick word please?”

At least you might be able to squeeze the last value from cold calling until you develop an alternative method of attracting new business.  And you should too.