Make a game of it

We live in the country next door to a wooded church yard so every summer we’re inundated with flies. I’ve tried all sorts – fly spray, sticky fly paper, bright light killing machines.

But none seemed to work until I bought the Executioner.

Imagine a tennis racket, electrified strings, now touch a fly with the strings and it explodes with a loud bang. Such fun.

Now eliminating the house of flies is fun, the children especially love doing it which has freed me from the task.

Do you have boring things to do, tasks or topics to cover in a sales meeting? Try to think of gamifying it. Gamification is a term doing the rounds, take the principles of a game and apply them to a task.

We have a competition to see how many flies we can kill. I award silly certificates to the winner, we get instant feedback about success when we hear the loud bang as the fly disintegrates.

These are gaming principles and can be applied to any task that’s boring.

So for example, say you have to enter data into a CRM system, something the salespeople are reticent to do. Make it a competition and award some sort of silly prize for the winner. Or ask them where was the weirdest place last week that they found themselves filling in CRM fields? In the bath, in a tree?

The Executioner – what a gadget.