Let’s Build Strengths

I was very fortunate to speak in my 10th country since I began my own speaking and training business – Bangladesh.

Each country provides me with a different perspective and understanding of a culture that I haven’t experienced. Bangladesh was no exception – Bangladeshi’s are a unique people.

Amongst their manner was the need to compliment others rather than criticise. Indeed the habit of “saving face” predominates in the Far East. Instead of giving feedback on weaknesses they make a big show of someone’s strengths. As a result, people’s confidence grows and this helps to move everyone forward in the right manner.

I like this.

So next time we’re coaching or training and wanting to give your salesperson some feedback, let’s build strengths and let them prevail. This will empower and give them confidence to do more of the same. The growing strengths will outweigh any weaknesses.

After all, it’s much more fun showing our strengths than try to eliminate weaknesses.

And did you know that 95% of Indian Restaurants in the UK are, in fact, Bangladeshi? I didn’t.