Learn Anything with Modelling

Not the fashion kind or for those that appear on Love Island or the catwalk, but the NLP version.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP was conceived by two Californian dudes who modelled a handful of exceptionally talented people. They found a way of copying or modelling them with such accuracy that they were able to use what they learnt and create the science of NLP.

If you’re in the market to pick up some new talents or skills, then the trick is to model someone else who has those skills. Modelling allows you to hoover up everything about them.

Let me explain further with an example for salespeople – the ability to explain things really well.
Phil Spencer. You may have heard of him. He’s a TV star who has ridden the back of the home lifestyle industry over the last 20 years. He stars alongside Kirsty and is an expert at buying and selling houses for the show’s guests. He’s particularly good at negotiating the price far superior to Kirsty’s feeble efforts.

I thought I’d mirror him and use his way. I listened to the words he used, his manner, his belief system, his values, his tone of voice, how he pre-framed the negotiation. His use of short sentences, his deep tone of voice, his politeness and assertiveness and his matter of fact style.

These are all traits of an experienced and successful property negotiator.

We viewed our home, and both liked it and agreed after several viewings to make an offer, and that fell to me. I phoned the agent, Phil Spencer style. Stood up to accentuate my voice, dropped it right down to it’s lowest baritone, acted confidently with the belief that it’s business not personal and that if I’m not successful there are always other properties to buy. These were Phil’s beliefs.

Maintaining an English gentlemen’s manner, which Phil does with aplomb. Polite yet assertive I spoke in short sentences with a deep voice. “We both like the property having viewed it a couple of times, have looked at our finances and would like to make an offer of £x. I know you’ll want to talk to the vendor about my offer and we have our finances all secure, and we’re ready to go. Perhaps you might get back to me later with your reply.” 

The agent was a seasoned property person themselves, and I seemed to have them hypnotised. “Right you are Mr Archer, I’ll speak with them now.” 

Sure enough, a call back later which asserted that it was too low. A little haggling later and we’d secured £15,000 off the asking price on a property that was keenly priced to sell.

I’d successfully modelled Phil. Interestingly he doesn’t always try to make low offers, he assesses the market, the desirability of the property and the buyers’ position. He has made full-price offers on the show.

If you’re in the market for some negotiating training, head to catch up TV – More4 – and watch Phil in action – you won’t be disappointed.