Lazy prospecting

There’s a gorgeous thought, how to prospect the lazy man’s way.  I’m not referring to you but your customer. Nowadays most potential customers are lazy, they just like things easy, everyone’s just so busy so if we can help them to deal with us in a lazy way, make it simple and quick, you’ll collect more customers for your sales funnel.

Here’s some ideas for lazy prospecting for you:

When you make your initial call or email or knock on their door, make sure you clearly lay out the value you provide.  Don’t expect them to guess it. Use the magic formula:

  • State the trigger that they might be experiencing, the problem or challenge
  • Show how your value can solve their trigger
  • Make them aware of how much your value has helped others
  • Give them an easy call to action – click on this link, register for your White Paper, make it easy, give them a compelling reason to fix a meeting with you.

Then you need to follow up because they won’t. Follow up 3 days later.

Then follow up with variety, leave a mobile voicemail, send an email, deliver a pizza.

Determine how many touch points works for you, typically 5 to 7 are needed.

This is a great final tip. Suggest to your lazy prospect that you should meet face to face. Just send an Outlook meeting request. You’ll be amazed how successful this can be because they are lazy; they just need an easy option and we need to make it simple for them.