KFC and the Cheapest

I’m sure you heard the story about KFC running out of its major ingredient – chicken. Yes, seriously the purveyor of fried chicken to millions of people around the world covered in Colonel Saunders’ secret recipe ran out and closed down 646 shops in the UK.

The parallel is enormously important to us in sales, especially when you’re up against your price, which many of us are.

So next time your customer starts shuffling in their seat about price and value, relate the KFC story to paint the danger of a cheaper competitor.

DHL won the contract to supply food to it’s stores by undercutting the incumbent – Bidvest – who had worked with KFC for years and specialised in moving food. KFD is all about cost cutting but this time they came a cropper.

Sometimes the cheapest option is not the best.

One hardened fan said he had to go to Burger King to get his fix of chicken.

And one other fan, contacted his local MP in disgust.