Keyword Snap – Review Exercise for Online Meetings

Online you may find yourself lecturing more than is usual. I’m not going to sermon you on the perils of that but welcome to the real world. Everyone’s mic is muted, and people’s videos are blank; you sometimes find yourself lecturing.

So long as the presentation is insightful, engaging, and exciting, plus short, you can get away with it. But you’ll want to get the audience to review and chew over what you said, otherwise, it’ll go from one ear to the next, and people will switch off.

  • Announce that you’re going to present something and afterwards run a game to make sure you all listened with a prize for the winner.
  • When the lecture has finished, ask them individually to write down keywords related to the content. Challenge them to think of 7 or 8 keywords, maybe 10.
  • With everyone in gallery view, demonstrate the game with a volunteer. Ask Ivana to verbalise one of her keywords after the count of three. Simultaneously with Ivana, you say your keyword. If the words are the same, you have a snap and Ivana, receiving 5 points.
  • Next, choose two more people and countdown 1, 2, 3 and see if Megan and Clive say the same word. People soon get the hang of the game – it’s not complicated.
  • Run as many rounds as you like jotting the points and award a prize at the end.

Simple yet very effective.