KAV Opening Rules OK

KAV, what’s that? It’s a rule for opening any presentation or training session that you’re doing. We all know how important it is to get onto a great start, to engage the audience, to compel them to want to listen further.

Here’s how.

KAV – kinaesthetic, auditory and visual – in that order.

Start off something that has feeling, emotion, humour – that’s the kinesthetic or Kino start. Use a story that explains who you are. I have a couple of favourites I use that really show who I am, have humour, emotion contained.

Maybe humour – something funny in the news might do – don’t tell jokes. Something humorous that happened to you on the way in. Emotion, sentiment, passion.

Then comes auditory, lower your voice, make it resonant, bring in vocal variety – people want to hear your voice next to really connect and then finally comes…

Visual, in a picture on screen or image painted in their minds.

KAV rules ok. Next time you’re planning a presentation or training session use the KAV start.