Joined Up Selling

As we arrived at Belfast City Airport, the microphone announced. “You’re very welcome to Belfast”. What a lovely greeting which is fully expected when visiting Ireland, North or South, it makes no difference. I often talk about mixing with people will make you become like these people and everytime I go to Ireland I become more up-beat, positive, smile more and generally chat plenty too.

The other thing I talk about is Joined Up Selling and there were plenty of examples of this during my hour long flight and 3 hour journey.

Joined Up Selling assumes everyone in an organisation believes they have a role to play in selling, not just those with selling in their title. In fact, real Joined Up Selling companies have latched the sales process onto everyone’s job description so that everyone has a role to play in selling.

Now that’s a true sales led organisation, not just because the CEO says so at the annual share holder’s meeting.

My airline had it sussed so let me explain how they did it.

When I booked the ticket online, they gave me an executive number which gave me some great benefits like a focussed check in desk. Yes, it was one click and I gave them some of my details. They’d captured my email for future value emailing

My online checking in gave me a boarding pass on my phone. Nothing new here but they also asked about my reason for travelling and my onward journey.

10 minutes later I received a 25% car hire discount voucher and a coffee shop voucher, all on the phone to make life easy for me. Plus a PDF map for my phone and a tip sheet “10 things to do on a night-out in Belfast for the solo flyer” Now that I liked.

So far no humans, just systems. By the way, systems can sell too.

At the baggage check in, because everything was automated, the trained person was able to engage me in a conversation about my business in Belfast and how often I travelled. I told her that I was a Sales Speaker and was speaking at a conference that evening. She saw I was an executive member, the system was clever just to show this, she didn’t once have to key anything in. Her questioning was soft, conversational, not a waste of time because the bag was already powering itself towards the plane.

Do you ever travel further afield,” she enquired. Yes I d,o often long haul”. You might be interested in our sleeper seats then, they’re a normal seat and at the press of a button, they convert to a bed. I’ll have the details emailed to you Mr Archer, safe journey”

She was empowered to offer me a discount a code for my next journey, because she knew I onlined booked. The CRM system told her that.

On the plane, the staff glanced at face recognition screens and greeted me “You’re very welcome on board Mr Archer; hope you enjoy your flight”. Wow, they knew my name, but they should really, after all, technology allows it.

And rather than the usual “Would you like any gifts or perfumes?” it was “Mr Archer, anyone at home to buy gifts for?” Yes my wife and daughter.” “And what’s her favourite fragrance then?”

Clever selling because they were trained to do so.

And how old’s your daughter Mr Archer?” “She’s 10” “Lovely I bet she’s missing you.”

On my departure I was given a teddy on the airplane, little corny but a nice touch, as I made myself to the baggage claim.

I made a few things up there, to show you what they should have been doing and perhaps what you can do in your organisation. It’s all about Joined Up Selling where everyone has a role to play.

My talk in Belfast went vey well, a fabulous audience, but I was too shattered to enjoy the 10 things to do in Belfast for the solo visitor. Never mind, perhaps next time with my 10% discount I’ll have some extra spending money.