Jamie’s Beef Gravy and Modern Training

Poor old Jamie’s had a bad rap recently for his restaurant chain that went down losing millions of pounds, but his recipe for beef gravy is first class. The video on YouTube is very timely.

Let me explain.

Last winter we treated ourselves to a joint of beef for a Sunday lunch, carefully manicured it and popped it in the oven along with roast potatoes and Yorkshire Puddings, all perfectly timed to feed us at 2pm.

Until we both realised we hadn’t prepared any gravy. I’ve never cooked fresh gravy but instead went to pull down a jar of instant gravy from the cupboard. That’s no good mumbled Shelley; we need proper gravy like my mum used to make.

Laptop out, YouTube and Jamie Oliver’s recipe and before long we were tucking into homemade delicious gravy.

The video was just in time, for when we needed to learn how to cook gravy, not just in case. That’s modern training – just in time not just in case.

When your team need to learn something, make available a way they can learn this right now, that moment, in that office. Online video, podcast, checklist – whatever – have a mentor in your team who can teach people what they know in five minutes when they need it.

Gone are the days of just in case training drawn from the annual visit to the training directory.

The dinner was yummy. I threw away the packet gravy and now make my own every time. Thank you, Jamie.