It’s Quicker to Ask

Our new kitchen is fab, has everything you might need but the new dishwasher is so quiet you can’t hear when it’s on and that’s a problem. It’s a problem because I’ve opened it a few times right in the middle of a cycle and got soaked as punishment.

So I ask Claire, because she knows and it’s quicker to ask. But that’s another problem, first she’s getting annoyed with me constantly asking and second, I’m not discovering the answer myself.

And in the workplace, this causes countless problems for sales coaches. You see, people ask us questions because it’s quicker and easier to ask and convenient for you to just give the answer. That’s not coaching and doesn’t help people to develop. The answer is to take a leaf out of Claire’s book. Let me explain.

Claire taught me how to spot whether the dishwasher is on. I learnt that when the dishwasher is on, there’s a red light projected to the floor. Have a look.

2015-08-19 20.54.34Do I feel empowered? Not really, but it saves me asking next time.

So next time someone keeps asking you questions, before you instinctively answer, stop yourself and say:

“I’d like to help you but am pre-occupied with …but if you tell me what you plan I’ll give you some immediate feedback”

Really works that one just like our new dishwasher and that dinky little red light. How clever.