Intention Based Feedback

Many of us are wary of giving feedback to colleagues preferring not to “upset their feelings” or create conflict. Here’s a clever way to do so that actually complements them.

Here’s how.

Everyone has strengths – confidence, building rapport, attention to detail for example.

Equally everyone displays weaknesses at work, especially when they enter into their conflict mode. Arrogance, too social and picky, for example.

You see virtually every weakness is an over cooked strength that someone has. Usually triggered by a conflict situation or stress occurring.

Go on, guess some weaknesses you’ve seen at work and I bet you can originate the strength that’s been overdone.

Here’s how you use this in giving feedback.

Explain the weakness that you’ve noticed and the impact it’s having – standard feedback technique that.

Then explain what their intention was, i.e. the strength that originated. For example

I noticed Brian you came across a tad arrogant with the customer and I could see their reaction in their face. Now your intention was to come across as confident which you display admirably normally but this time I think you overcooked it.

Intention based feedback in action.  Useful?