Information given once only

It’s far too common isn’t it? You give your name to the person on the phone with a brief description of what you want and the next person on the call asks for your name. ¬†Infuriating.

Many years ago during college rugby, I played the part of a lumbering prop forward. My job was to push hard at the crowd of players, stand still and not get knocked over. If I went through an entire game without touching the ball, that wouldn’t be unusual.

Watching modern rugby the modern prop handles the ball fluently, passes with ease and scores tries fairly regularly. It’s known as total rugby.¬† Every player must be capable of carrying out every role on the pitch.

In the same way, everyone who works in your business must be totally customer focussed and capable of engaging.

We have to be totally customer centric to gain business in the future. Everyone has to be involved with customers, not just those with “sales” or “customer” in their job title.

This is one of the 4 pillars of joined up customer centric selling.  The 4 are:

  1. Information given once only and stored
  2. Everyone handles everything
  3. Communications are relevant to the customer. Email, web, phone and style.
  4. Flexible, empowered handling of customers.

How joined up are you?