Increasing customer desire

How to increase customer desire for your product, service or idea is something that all salespeople, business owners and managers want more of.  Here’s how with a story from June this year.

Our Pedigree dog Brodie had just had pups and we were in the process of finding good homes for them, for a small fee of course.  We’d generated quite a bit of demand with our blog, an entry in the Kennel Club site and a Facebook page. We’d arranged for viewings from prospective new owners and this soon became a logistical nightmare.

The following morning I suggested to Claire that we hold an open day on a specific Saturday between 9am and 5pm for all prospective people to come visit at a time to suit them.

We used to do the same in the estate agency business and it worked on a logistical level but also on a psychological plane. People saw other people were interested in the same house and this created demand for the product. We were a bit naughty because we often invited friends and family over to increase the numbers of people in the house. And I even heard of a tactic where specific appointments were made for viewers and the appointment times would clash, so as we were showing someone around the house, someone else would turn up to view as well.  Bit naughty that one, I totally condone that tactic, but remember it in case someone uses it on you, and they will.

When I explained the tactic to Claire with the puppies, she was horrified and needless to say, we’re didn’t  do an open house for the puppies.  Besides, all the people traipsing through would have upset Brodie.