Increase sales with motorway gantry signs

Last month I was driving up to Scotland in the early evening, it was a great drive.  The M74 was empty, fine weather, but tiresome. Especially when you engage cruise control at 70mph, it’s a recipe for nodding off.

Tedious, until I approached the first gantry sign expecting bad news I guess. But I was wrong; it read “Don’t use your mobile whilst driving”

Two or so miles later “low tyre pressure increases fuel consumption”. I didn’t know that, make a note Paul at the next filling station. Next one read “Be a courteous driver“, following one “Don’t drive if tired”. “Stop hogging the middle lane“. The final one “Scotland, the brave”

I thought these were quite illuminating, different and reminded me of good driving skills without being too much in your face. And I thought that these would be useful in you workplace.

So how could you use this concept? Maybe you run a telephone call centre with those ceiling signs that spit out things like call volumes, targeted ring outs and so on, maybe you could occasionally illuminate a sales message like “remember to test close” or “really listen well” or “signpost the customer“. Or “ask more open questions“, “pause more“.

Maybe text messages might work or posters on the wall that change everyday.  You can use whiteboard paper that you peel out of box and stick to the wall; you could write motivational messages maybe or sales tips or best practice ideas.  Don’t make a song or dance about them just show them and let the subliminal mind of your sales people and the power of peripheral visuals do the rest.

So think about how you could use these snappy little messages to help your sales team be more effective.

I love this sign though, this one got me thinking the wrong things:


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