I want one with good reviews

Our small hamlet comprises of 12 houses and everyone knows everything that’s going on. And the stray cat was no exception, wandering the hamlet looking for food and shelter.

My daughter felt compassionate “we should phone a company that takes in stray cats Dad…only one with good reviews though”

She’s just turning 14 is Bethan and already she’s been sucked into the consumer desire for “good reviews”

Everything has to come with good reviews for people to trust them nowadays and these reviews must be freely given, not sought or requested, just freely given online.

So do you:

  • Have testimonials and reviews on your website?
  • Are these freely given by others and published by them too, rather than carefully selected and displayed by you.
  • Allow your social media to be two way?
  • Use Trust Pilot or other review service?
  • Have the odd bad review to show authenticity?
  • Have you maximised your LinkedIn profile to show testimonials?
  • Have awards for customer service proudly displayed?
  • Have a value proposition that’s story based and includes customer opinion and reviews of your service.

And try as we could, we couldn’t find a company to come and fetch our stray cat so my daughter wants to take it in. But we’ve already got 2 cats, 2 dogs, 6 sheep, 8 ducks and 8 hens there’s no space.